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Board Meeting

March 21, 2024 | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm | nth Innovation Center

WRA’s first Board meeting of the year will be held at nth Innovation in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Headquartered in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, nth Solutions is a vertically-integrated product development and manufacturing company whose design team holds more than 50 commercialized patents.  In addition to their own product lines, they solve problems for clients using a proprietary market-driven methodology to produce extraordinary products.  nth Solutions develops intellectual property and products which save money, save lives, and preserve natural resources.  They call this Concept to Revenue-Ready™.

Innovations include technologies to prevent water leakage and alert homeowners to weather risks (Proudfoot and H2O Connected) as well as BioForce Analytics, a motion measurement device company; Priority Green, makers of traffic signal preemption products for emergency vehicles; Balanced Engineering Solutions LLC, a Maryland-based sensor technology company that recently relocated to Coatesville; and medical device company Pression LLC.

Who Is nth Innovation?

On the corner of West Lincoln Highway and Church streets in Coatesville, PA stands a once majestic brick and stone office building erected in 1902 to house the marketing, sales, and advertising offices of Lukens Steel. Unfortunately, hard times for the steel industry hit Coatesville and the building stood abandoned, boarded-up and vacant, isolated on a two-acre parking lot, for the past 15 years.

In 2019, the property was purchased by Proudfoot Capital, collaborating with H2O Connected LLC, the first QOZ business in Chester County, and nth Solutions LLC, a product development and manufacturing company, to create a vertically integrated “concept to commercialization” ecosystem.  The renovation of the historic structure contains offices, open collaboration spaces, and a large multi-purpose area for community/educational events to promote business and entrepreneurship within Coatesville.

The new 20,000 square foot expansion building contains an engineering lab, prototyping and testing capability, manufacturing facility and warehouse, with additional office space on the second floor.  Both buildings involve spaces for the Companies’ unique, long-term high school internship program, which is being substantially expanded to focus on Coatesville students.

This project, the first QOZ real estate project in Chester County, now known as the nth Innovation Center, has been designated as a Keystone Innovative Zone (KIZ) by DCED and is 90% leased.  It is the headquarters for nth Solutions, H2O Connected, and three other early-stage growth businesses.  The manufacturing facility will be building more than a half a dozen products, utilizing a community-based workforce, predominantly returning citizens and those in recovery.  The collaboration and energy of business leaders, real estate developers, Coatesville city leadership, and community support enabled this project to advance from concept to reality in little over a year.

Read more about how this project came together in the Philadelphia Inquirer – Coatesville is home to a $5M start-up accelerator in former Lukens Steel offices  – Coatesville won a Keystone Innovation Zone designation in January

Event Details


March 21, 2024


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

nth Innovation Center

170 W. Lincoln Highway
Coatesville, PA 19320 United States
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