Conferences & Seminars

We gather to bring the latest science to the most relevant and critical issues.


Our events create a forum to encourage collaboration, uncover connections within our community, and give voice to evidence-based perspectives. Because members come from different areas and various industries, coming together strengthens the bonds of membership and creates the opportunity to share diverse perspectives in service of a shared vision for the Basin.

Our conferences and seminars are unique opportunities for members to experience the power of what happens when depth and breadth of expertise culminate around common goals, although we aren’t afraid to explore opposing views and different opinions. Protecting the Basin requires many voices from different perspectives finding connections and solutions beyond their silos of expertise and experience. Members trust WRA events to be science-forward and designed to promote networking and collaboration. Our events highlight the interconnectedness—of our community, the environment, and economy—and creates spaces for a diversity of interests to rally around a shared vision for the Basin—one that considers people, planet, and profit together.

Members can earn professional development credits from some events.