What We Do

We unite members to ensure the availability of water resources and water-dependent services and products for all.

Education, community-building, and remaining an active voice in the water arena form the foundation of our organization.

We Promote

  • Informed and innovative evidence-based conservation management strategies.
  • Stories, key victories, and developments about water-related activities in the Basin (and beyond).
  • The work of individuals, agencies, and companies for their outstanding contribution to sound water resource management.
  • Collaboration among experts, leaders, and decision makers across sectors.

We Provide

  • Peer-to-peer exchange opportunities
  • Position statements on public policy decisions related to water resources issues within the Basin.
  • Informed views on policies, plans and solutions affecting the Basin through scheduled workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Key information about the actions of DRBC and other federal and state agencies concerned with water resources management throughout the Basin.

Water Stewardship

We celebrate the many ways members protect the Basin and collaborate to meet and exceed environmental regulations. Members validate collaboration’s role in environmental stewardship.

Sustainability & Resilience

We believe that we have to do more than respond to current threats against our water resources. We must proactively prevent damage and build systems that protect the future of the Basin.

Conferences & Seminars

Coming together from our respective areas of expertise and influence energizes our member community and provides space to share cutting-edge innovations, celebrate work in the field, and strategize how we amplify our shared vision for the Basin.

John L Buzzi Memorial Scholarship Fund

WRA established the John L Buzzi Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2003 to honor the late Dr. John L. Buzzi (1936-2003) to educate emerging water resource leaders.

WRA Awards

At our Annual Recognition Dinner each Spring, we celebrate projects and individual contributions that represent an advancement of knowledge or the application of sound principles of good water management.

Young Leaders

Young Leaders bring a fresh perspective on challenges and issues that affect the Basin. We support the next generation of water heroes with learning opportunities, leadership experience, and an invitation to expand their professional circles.

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