How do I join?

We use Neon, a Customer Relationship Management tool, to onboard new members. When you click “Become a Member” you will be guided through the steps to join, pay, and get connected.

How can I renew online?

Log in to your Neon account to update member information and renew your membership. Contact us if you have any questions.

Why should I join?

Our voice is stronger and our impact is greater when there are more water stewards sharing resources, informing regulations and practices, and building a collaborative movement.

Delaware River Basin

Who is doing work in the watershed?

WRA Members are water professionals, water purveyors, and commercial, industrial and maritime river users.

What are they doing?

Members promote and practice science-based management of water resources to protect all water-dependent uses and enhance the long-term sustainability and resiliency of the river system.

What threatens the vitality of the Delaware River and its tributaries?

There are many concerns, pollution and runoff from transportation, agriculture, and industry, wastewater management and sewage, salinity levels, contaminants of emerging concern, and loss of biodiversity. Visit our resource section to learn more.