Water Stewardship

Protecting our shared water resource protects our shared future

Broad, disparate threats against the vitality of the Delaware River and its tributaries requires a broad coalition of forward-thinking leaders.

We are the nexus connecting wide-scale collaboration to combat the ecological issues plaguing our shared water resources. From the effects of climate change to large-scale stressors from industrial pollution and accelerating land-use development, these problems need solutions born from a community with diverse expertise, experience, and influence.

We unify around the all-encompassing definition of stewardship—it includes those who comply with permit requirements and water quality requirements, those who do restorative work, and those who are raising their voice to call attention to stewardship needs. Our shared vision for stewardship coalesces multiple sectors and interests.

We harness our areas of influence to support restoration efforts and imagine innovative ways to modify systems and operations to meet the ecological and economic needs of our communities. Our member community is living proof that protecting the environment and serving community needs are not in opposition to supporting a bustling economy.