WRA Letter to EPA: Stand by the DRBC Process

WRA stands by the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) process, initiated in 2017, to work with stakeholders to establish improved dissolved oxygen (DO) standards for the urbanized reach of the Delaware River. The collaborative, transparent, data-driven process includes representatives from three of the Delaware River Basin states, two USEPA regions, academics, fisheries scientists, environmental groups, and other relevant experts. This work will culminate in March 2025 with updated water quality standards (WQS) to better support multiple fish species, including the sturgeon.

In December 2022, EPA issued a Determination Letter, requiring that new WQS be set within 12 months. WRA is urging EPA to honor the existing process and time frame, and assist regulated entities facing significant new costs in securing federal funding for the improvements needed. For more information, see WRA’s letter to the EPA below.

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